For Colourful Personalities

on September 08, 2015

Well, that's what the packaging says. Examine yourself in the mirror to see if you qualify - right now we can cater to black personalities and silver personalities but apparently you can also get these little brackets that are made for blue, purple, and green ones as well.

What it is - the SideKick 360 - is a bracket that mates a mobile phone to a tripod. There is a pair of screw-clamp jaws that sits either side of the phone and gently grips it while the whole rotates on a ball-joint mount. The base of it is aluminium with a choice of 1/4", 3/8", and Arca Swiss foot mounting. You can mount the phone in landscape or portrait orientation.

Useful? Well, if you are a phone shooter, yes. You'll get to use longer exposures ad get steadier shots. It will let you stand your phone on a tabletop or a cistern for a selfie and leave your hands free to make gang signs.

You could mount it on the dashboard to allow hands-free.

Works on small and large mobile phones.