Fuji Yet Again - Hey, Justin!

on January 01, 2014

The Model Garage is a small gas station in Wet Dog, Alberta that plays host to lot of Central Alberta's hot rodders. Actually you can read that as farm rodders, as this section of the province gets a lot of specials that are built locally - as well as visitors from Calgary and Edmonton. It isn't that far from Ponoka so Edmonton people can call in on their way down to visit their folks...

Recent visitors to the Model were a couple of hot Fords. I wouldn't give you 2¢ to ride far in the '37 but the '36 is a nice highway cruiser. I suppose you could use the '37 to cruise up and down the paved street in Wet Dog in front of Craig's Malt Shop but that's about all.

In any case, for those of you interested in the technical details, the camera used was a Fuji X100. Flash lighting.