Getta Good - Getta Gitzo

on June 25, 2014

The Gitzo is the best. No arguments. It is also the most expensive. No arguments. It sells for mining money...or legal money, if you are employed by a mining firm. Normal mortals can't afford them...

Unless those normal mortals need the absolute precision of the heavy studio Systematic 3, 4 or 5, or the featherweight of the Traveller series. Then they find the money somehow. I know, I own a Studex Series 5 in the studio and it can not be faulted. It can't actually be moved unless you eat spinach.

Now you too can approach the sacred mountain ( of tripods ) by taking advantage of the EOFY sale of the Gitzo GK1380VQR set.

It is the last one we have, or are ever likely to get. It is retro repro, styled from the 70's. It has a jet-set 70's leather travellers bag. It has a ball head and quick release and absolute precision. It is going out UNDER cost - to make room for new stock.

Bring in your $ 350 and grab it and run. It is your best chance ever for a classic, unless you can find a gold...or iron...mine.