Gimmee One'a Dem - Part Four - The Nikon D3400 Kit

on February 08, 2017

When we ask people to go out and use mirror-less camera systems on the basis of small size and weight we are sometimes forgetting that if you choose wisely, you can get both small size and light weight in a DSLR. The trick, as with this Nikon D3400, is to choose an entry-level camera kit.

Frankly, My Dear, I do occasionally give a damn...particularly if I am hauling my metal-bodied mirror-less with a big-aperture zoom. The weight that I thought I was saving creeps back and my neck knows it at the end of the day. Custom straps help, but I still look at the littler Nikons with envy.

This is one of the new Nikons that feature the simple connection to mobile phones and tablets. Oh, I know that there are any number of mirror-less and DSLR cameras that do have WiFi, but the Nikon system is particularly easy to use. You pair up your phone or tablet with the camera once and it stays that way ever after. Older readers like myself who dread having to perform computer science every time they want to link a picture find this to be a blessing.

Okay, there is also another feature in this kit combo - the lens is a retractable one that allows you to store the front barrel back into the zoom ring when you are not taking pictures. The camera won't shoot until you extend the lens and tells you so in a notice on the back screen.. The screen isnt' a swinging one, and that may very well be a good thing.

Note that people used to using both hands to hold and control a camera may find the two-side configuration of the Nikon cameras a boon. There are still a fair number of pokey buttons on the right hand side but they could move four of the most heavily-used ones to the left and clear the way somewhat.

One minus feature for the travellers will be the charger system that Nikon have included. The other two make similar-sized charger blocks with a standard figure-eight kettle cord connection to the mains electricity. Nikon have opted to make an adapter that clips onto the charger block easily convert the two-blade Japanese plug to the Australian three-blade...but be aware that it does not unclip and pack away as easily. It's a space-user in the luggage.

No other downsides, however, and even the plastic lens mount with the rather exposed contact buttons is no problem as long as it is kept on the body. The lens is fast to deploy, focuses well, and is sharp.

Indeed , the performance of all three of the kit lenses is such as to bring into question whether an amateur user need change to other optics. In the price range and given the profile of the users, these kit lenses are superb value. The right job means that they pay for themselves within a hundred shots - and who amongst us us not prepared to shoot a hundred shots.