Going To All The Trouble - With Premier

on January 02, 2016

Now here's a funny one. All you digital photographers out there pay attention because we are going to talk about chemistry. For you.

You thought you got away from it when you purchased your digital camera, didn't you? You figured you could throw away the developing tank and the thermometer and never have to worry about printing again. And then you got tired of just seeing the pictures on the back of the camera and started putting them onto the computer. And then you bought a printer...

Well, we'll gloss over the months you spent trying to get the print to look like the computer screen but you finally popped for a calibrator and a printer profile and paper that was properly made. And then someone told you that you could print on canvas...

Now it is several months and a credit card debt later and you are contemplating your first successful canvas print. Canal Rocks or the ghost gum in the paddock or the skyline from South Perth foreshore has never looked better - even in the 92,000 other evocations from other shooters. Time to make sure that your image remains pristine.

It will encounter UV rays from the sun, chemical attack from the cooking vapours, and mechanical abrasion from all the people who scratch it to see if it is real. ( Take heart - they are the same people who tap the noses of artillery shells to see if anything will happen and with a bit of luck they may do that before they scratch your canvas...). You need to protect your art.

Enter Premier Eco Print Shield. Available in gloss, semigloss, and matte. It forms an acrylic coating over the ink on the canvas and stops any of the detrimental things getting through. You can brush it or spray it on, depending on the volume of work that you are doing. It stretches with the canvas and will not crack. It will not yellow. You can get small tins or big buckets from Camera Electronic. It is the only time you can call us a bucket shop...

You've gone to all the trouble and finally succeeded. Keep that success clean and fresh and you can always take pride in it.