Good Buy To My Salary....

on September 24, 2014

A Facebook post by a friend recently about her son going to work in a toy store prompted me to use the phrase " Goodbye salary..." I know the feeling - I work in an optical toy shop myself and a number of weeks have seen me spending more than I made.

This was not a sad thing - I got new toys to play with and had as much fun as possible. That's the reason you have money and toys.

Now I realise that I can benefit from watching other people playing with the stock - Because I can see what works for them and plan whether it would work for me. Of course I can and do give accurate professional advice as far as I can but there is still the unknowable factor of the client's own reaction to the gear. Some can, and do - some can't , and don't. Some can, and don't, and that's the point that interests me - I need to find out why and see if it is specific or general.

When I learn from their trials, I benefit - I can do what works and avoid what doesn't. It is far better than depending upon anonymous forum comments on the internet. If someone actually has tried with real gear, they know - and they can show results.

If my recommendations sometimes run in ruts, it is because the ruts run somewhere - either right or wrong. If you fancy telling me what to do, rather than the other way around, go ahead - just be prepared with examples to back it up.

Uncle Dick