Houndstooth - What's In A Name?

on May 11, 2015

Did goe past a studio in North Perth the other Wednesday and was greatley amused.

There was a picture of a rather intense looking cat displayed in the main window with a big sign saying that the studio wasn't just for dogs.

Love 'em or hate 'em - cats that is* - that sign was absolutely brilliant advertising. I remembered it - alone - out of a couple hundred other advertisements seen while on that drive. And I had not seen that studio before - the last time I had seen that location it was quite another business. Now I know it is Houndstooth Studios. And I cracked a smile.

Is your studio memorable? Will I see it while tootling past? Will I know it is a studio? Will I know what it does? Will it make me smile? If yes, you are in a fair way to getting me - and others - to drop some money there.

Consider your studio name well. You can't have Houndstooth Studio because that is already taken and you can't have Dick Stein's Little Studio because that is already taken, but there are lots of other names out there.

You may have one yourself - look on your driver's license to see if you do. Consider whether you should use it as part of the studio name - if your proper name is John Dillinger or Baby Face Nelson perhaps not. You might attract the wrong sort of clientele. Even adding "Photographer" at the end of the sign will probably not improve public relations.

Big picture of happy client on the sign? Stylised camera? Swish logo?

You'll still be going to beat the picture of the cat. Now EVERY time I go past that studio I will be looking. Damn, I'll drive out of my way now just to go past and see. That's advertising.

* I have not asked our cat, Ratbreath, whether he cares if I approve of him or not. I suspect he would not take any notice one way or the other.