If You Must Have Your Way...

on November 07, 2018
At least do it in a dignified manner. And if you insist upon taking selfie photographs with your action camera or your mobile phone, do it with a decent selfie stick. Do not rely upon the novelty jobs sold at the airport stalls. The last thing you want at the edge of the Grand Canyon is for the thing to fold back on your head in a high wind. The Benro Let's Go ( ...) is a good device. It is a selfie stick, all right, but it is also a minature tripod, phone clamp, and control wand in one. a. The selfie stick extends from 180mm to 910mm. Enough to get it away from you for close or long photos. Enough to bop the other tourists too, but that is one of the risks of the sport. b. When it is out there at greater-than-arm's length you do not need to rely upon the self-timer mode of your phone to fire it - there is an in-built Bluetooth release mechanism in the handle that you can pair up to your phone - just tap the button under your thimb once you have framed yourself in the phone's screen. c. Fold out the handles and make a good little mini-tripod. This will let your phone take a good twilight or night shot, and you'll be surprised just how well the modern one can do this. There's an action camera mount included in the price as well - and you charge the Bluetooth control box from a USB port. All mod cons.