It's Nearly Dark Outside....

on April 23, 2012
Once a day, every day, you get a chance to be fabulous. Greg Hocking is fabulous EVERY day, and he is going to run a workshop on the 6th of May to show you how he does it.

Maybe I am exaggerating a little - Greg is a good guy so he can stand the humour - but he really does have something good to show you. He's going to be detailing the equipment, techniques, and aesthetics of landscape photography for the end of the day - when light falls and the beauty of colour and texture increase.

Greg is a Hasselblad Master, holds numerous awards for his landscape work, and has conducted courses all over Australia - and the world - dealing with landscape photography and colour work. I know - I attended one a few years ago down in Margaret river and my appreciation of colour management rose immensely. Also my appreciation of red wine. Well, red is a colour.

To help out with this project, but not to anticipate his teaching, I thought to make a list for landscape enthusiasts of the sort of equipment that we here in the shop might be able to supply. Okay, some of it is to my own taste, and I have nowhere near the expertise that Greg has, but I'm the one writing the blog. Or I will be in two days time after ANZAC Day. I'll write a landscaper's menu so that if you want to have a snack, a meal, or a banquet, you can get what you like.

In the meantime, computer on over to and look up Greg's section in the workshops advertisements. It's not going to be expensive, and hopefully it won't be cold or rainy on the 6th but book in now so you get your chance.

Talk to you in 2 days.