Large Format Workshop for Foto Freo

on March 05, 2012
FotoFreo this year has a special workshop in planning - Alexander Bond and Peter Kovacsy will present a hands-on and eyes-open workshop dealing with using large format cameras in the field. In these days of small digital everything, Alex has pursued a different route - large chemical work - and has garnered awards and sold myriads of postcards and books upon the strength of it.

He'll be presenting the workshop at Point Walter Reserve, Bicton, on Saturday afternoon, the 24th of March. The start time is 1:00 and it will run until 4:30...but I'll bet that is the light stays good there will be a lot of good photo opportunities afterward as well.

Alex and Peter will bring some of their 4 x 5 cameras and there will be some from Camera Electronic as well, but if you have large format gear of your own, bring that too. Expertise in camera operation and optical knowledge is pretty portable - once you see things happen, you will be able to visualize it with your camera. There will be a good chance to find out about film choice, development, and printing methods too, though this is a field demonstration rather than a darkroom one.

To book for this workshop, contact Alex at:

Alex Bond Gallery, PO Box 397, Applecross 6953 or online at

If you'd also like to see the " Changing Places" exhibition that Alex and Peter are presenting you can find this at the Barracuda Studio Gallery, Unit 3/4 56 Pakenham St., Fremantle and it is on between March 17-31.

Remember - digital cameras are all very well, but with a big large format camera you can crawl inside the focussing cloth and have a sleep on a warm day....