Leica T Wide Angle Zoom

on March 04, 2015

Unpacking this morning's delivery disclosed a delight - one of the Leica lenses for their T-system.

The lens is the 11-23 Super Vario Elmar T f:3.5-4.5 ASPH. it is a little larger in physical size than the 18-56 that you may have seen, and of course the front element has a pronounced curve - but not to such an extent that it precludes use of a slim filter.

Those of you still accustomed to think of lens angles as they applied to the Leica M series of 35mm cameras can envision this lens providing a variable focal length from he equivalent of 16.5mm to 34.5 mm. Landscape shooters, interior shooters, and those unfortunate enough to have large groups of people to photograph will appreciate this coverage. The lens won't make a large group of people behave or pose better but at least it will capture whatever they are actually doing with great resolution and contrast.

As usual, superb quality of construction and presentation. As usual, a Leica price...