Long Eyes In The Bag - Hauling That Tele

on December 09, 2015

Have you ever seen a keen wildlife photographer hauling a really big telephoto lens through the airport customs or out on a long trip. Dedicated people. aren't they? Large plastic and metal cases - aluminium road cases - giant padded nylon tubes with complex lids and catches. They look like anti-tank teams hauling their tubes and rockets - you almost expect one to tap the other on the top of the head and then stand aside from the back-blast.

Well, it you are not quite that dedicated and don't use lenses all that long, there are another alternatives for carrying and protecting the things.

If you have the lens on your camera but still want a bit of protection we can recommend the Op/Tec range of neoprene covers. These are generally known as Hood Hats and are available in various sizes to fit nearly all lens diameters. You can snug it onto the lens hood and whip it off when required.

If you want to protect the whole lens while out and about, reverse a Snoot Boot onto it. It will also serve as a lens pouch that you can put the lens in while using another one. Heck, when it comes off the camera you can attach it to your belt with the plastic clip and be done with it.

If your purse does not run to the Op/Tec solution, you can get nearly the same protection from the Promaster lens pouches. Same neoprene construction, and a similar design. Same belt clip. Just a little shorter, though there are different sizes in their range. They have a belt loop as well.

Sometimes it is the simplest items that make life easiest.