M Magazine - Doesn't Melt In Your Hand

on February 02, 2016

You may be forgiven for thinking that the M Magazine from Leica is just the old Leica Fotographie or Leica Fotographie International magazine in a larger size and with a black and white cover. It is similar, of course, but there are subtle differences inside.

Fewer pictures of dark-skinned people on beaches in mid-day sun with the contrast turned up high so that they appear blacker. Fewer photos of Hong Kong streets with laundry strung between apartment buildings. Fewer dewy-eyed children around perfectly safe and non-military German Christmas trees.

You can still count on New York street pictures with either beggars or lunchtime crowds and there is generally a riot available somewhere that yields good value.

At least the price has been kept reasonable - $ 20 per issue. This one is the third in the current series and by the way the company is going there should be a lot more.

I'm waiting for the issue with the ghost gum in the paddock, the white cockatoos, and the rusted 1937 Ford ute. Ya can't beat a classic...