Mag Mod In The Theatre

on October 12, 2016

We have been privileged to get the use of the Little Theatre stage while the company is resting - production of their next drama will be commencing in October. Their stage is being used for prop storage and construction at present so we could borrow it to illustrate the Mag Mod range of light shapers. Here are the ones we spoke about earlier in our weblog column:

a. The basic magnetic attachment strap - fitted here to a Fujifilm EF-42 flash. Keen spotters will see the folding stand under the flash - a promotional item from a firm that used to make photographic equipment...Kodak.

b. The gel holder - here with a cyan gel in place. Note that the soft dome also has a gel holder slot integrated in the base.

c. The basic 40º grid. Stack as many on as you fancy.

d. The flexible snoot - this is the position that produces the tiniest dot of light.

e. The soft dome. A bare-bulb look.

f. The white scoop. More light out the front as well as around the room.

The only disadvantage seen so far with these marvellous modifiers is their tendency to stick together like mating squid. Those magnets are super-powerful. In the plus side, the modifiers can be whacked onto a metal surface like the product table frame or the studio fridge and they stay there perfectly.