Making A Name For Yourself

on July 05, 2012
I should have bought a better dictionary - the old one I have is written in quill pen on yellowed paper and is bound in leather but I am still finding it inadequate. I see from the flyleaf that this is only a draft copy - it says " Dr. Sml. Johnson - His Booke " Perhaps he will publish a new one.

The stumbling point is it does not define a particular class of photographer. If I look at a photographer who takes or makes pictures for the sheer love of the art, the word " photographic amateur " seems correct. If the photographer makes the images and sells the results for money then " photographic worker or tradesperson " would be good. If the photographer teaches the art, then they can add " professional " to the description. Much the same applies to playing football or making love.

But what of the photographer who takes the picture and works diligently for the purpose of winning competitions and awards and applause? Try as I might, I cannot fix ( even using sodium thiosulphate ) upon an adequate adjective. Most of the ones I try, like " competitor " sound restrictive, if not a little mean. Surely there must be a better and more honourable name - I mean the only time you see the word competitor these days in the newspaper is when it is associated with drug taking or bribes. ( I wonder if sponsorship by a pharmaceutical manufacturer scores on both counts...)

This is a blog - but I can't write it all. Post back a few ideas for words and I'll report them to the masses. I can't promise an award but I can introduce you to people who seem to have a lot of them.