Mirror-less Need Not Be Bag-less With Sirix

on January 11, 2015

With the increased interest in mirrorless camera systems we have come across a problem here in the shop - some of the traditional camera bags are just wrong for them. Either made for DSLRs and too big or made for compact purse cameras and too small. and the shapes could be all wrong as well.

Well, we've got a new line in Sirix bags that may go some way to addressing this. They are labeled as a mirrorless snoot bag and a compact zoom case - but they really come down to day bags for a tourist to take a mirrorless camera, a spare card, and a battery.

As usual, there are straps and belt loops and a small rain cover buried in the design. They are padded, and well-made. And they are cheap - $ 22.95 and 24.95.

No excuse now for hauling your Olympus in an old handkerchief or relegating the new Panasonic to the toe of a footy sock. Show a little class - buy a bag.