Nailed It! Nailed It Again! Panasonic Make The Macro Mavens Dance With Glee

on December 02, 2015

Actually it looks like they are going to make a lot of people dance with joy - if the people are users of the following cameras:

Panasonic DMC-GX8
Panasonic DMC-G7 G series cameras
Panasonic DMC-FZ300 compact super zoom

What they get by updating their firmware for these cameras to v2.0 is a 'Post Focus Mode'. A second, third or fourth chance to get it right in the toughest conditions.

Macro shooting is all about precise focus. As a table-top shooter myself I know that while I can carefully tune the focus point of a shot in the studio when the camera is sitting on a massive tripod, as soon as I attempt to do that out in the field I accumulate a series of useless images - I never seem to get the exact focus point I need.

The Post Focus mechanism for the Panasonic cameras uses their ability to work with 4K video shooting. It takes a series of shots when you press the shutter release but starts the focusing forward of the actual point of focus as indicated by its own AF mechanism and then works the focus through a number of shots out the back of that AF point. You review the images later and select the ideal point of focus according to your own needs.

There is also access to Focus Peaking and 5X magnification that further refine the image.

You can see a demonstration of the process in action at:


If you wish to download the improvement the address to seek is:

People who up until now may have wondered if there was any point to 4K cameras may change their minds - it can be a very sharp point indeed.