The New 23mm Champion

on May 21, 2017
Okay - our last column praised the aesthetics of the new Fujifilm X-Pro2 in the graphite finish. The lens only got a passing mention, but as many of the readers have discovered, many cameras function better with lenses mounted on them... In this case it is the new sFujifilm 23mm f:2 prime len. It has been finished to match the colour of the graphite body, though I think that it is also available in black or a shinier silvered finish. Casual observers of the Fujifilm range may imagine that this is the same lens as that fitted to the Fujifilm X-100F, but apart from the bare numbers of the focal length and maximum aperture, there is no commonality - this is a new and larger lens grind. It is a particularly good choice for this sort of camera based upon the likely use - street shooting. The 23mm focal length approximates the 35mm focal length of a full-frame camera and thus is one of the best compromises for tourism and casual use. Nearly everything can be captured - in some sense - with this focal length. Active shooters who are prepared to zoom in and out with their feet need not even use the adjective ‘nearly’ - they CAN capture everything. As supplied to me ( by whipping it off the CE display shelf and checking it out with the floor staff ) the new graphite 23mm did not have a lens hood, but one is definitely supplied upon regular purchase - and it would be a wise thing to use constantly. Colour rendition? Same as any other Fujinon lens. I don’t think there is a colour difference any more with camera lenses. The days of finding casts and hues seems to have gone in the 70’s. In any case, if anyone ever does imagine anything, they can crank in minute colour adjustments in the JPEG files or RAW shoot it and go mad with the sliders in front of their own computer. As it happens, people are far more likely to find colour rendition variations between standard bayer sensors and the X-Trans versions...and in the factory settings of the software based upon the engineer's preferences. Speed of focus? Blazingly fast. I don’t know if this is the new lens or the new camera body, but it reacts instantly inside or out. And the results are sharp enough to satisfy even the geek in me. Like the Fujinon 27mm f:2.8 lens, this could be the choice for someone who wants only one lens on the camera for everything. In this case they get more style and one more stop of exposure, as well as a dedicated aperture ring.