New and Nikon And Silver

on May 11, 2015

You work in the toy store, you get to play with the new toys...and it is wonderful. Particularly when the Nikon representative brings you a new Nikon 1 camera - the J5 model.

This is one sweet little device. Nikon have packed the 4K video capability into it as well as a double-jointed LCD screen that folds up to 180º for selfies. Full WiFi capability as well, so if you have an Android device you are in business.

The cameras are solid - the body build and the feeling of the lenses is reassuringly heavy. They have cleverly incorporated one feature from the compact camera market into this mirror-less system camera: the automatic mechanical lens cover that slides in and out when the lens extends. It means the thing is protected whenever you bag or pocket it and there is nothing to lose.

Mirror-less cameras are generally smaller by nature than DSLR cameras and this range from Nikon is generally smaller than others - which means you can pack the body and a number of Nikon 1 lenses into a hip pack for travel. If you are keen - really keen - Nikon sell an adapter onto which you can fasten all their other lenses.

Not all at once, mind - one at a time. But it means if you are a Nikon shooter right now you have some marvellous long lenses for the mirror-less system.

It has a small flash-on-a-pantograph that is perfect for close-up work ( And check out the 18.5mm lens as well ) but also connects to its own special larger Nikon 1 flash. There are additional accessories like a hand grip, LED light bar, GPS unit and electronic viewfinder.

Nikon enthusiasts are now able to travel light but bring back terrific images - with the Nikon lens edge.