New Bag For New Adventures - Promaster

on August 13, 2015

Spring is coming and when it does you'll want to head out for new adventures. Some of these will need new photographic equipment - and a place to put it. Here's a good suggestion from Promaster.

It's called the Adventure 25. Made of rugged khaki canvas with metallic zipper, buckles, and pop fasteners. The shoulder strap is webbing and there's a leather-covered handle. On the bottom are two rubber crash pads to hit the ground with.

Inside there are three compartments ready-made that look to be able to hold the standard small DSLR and a couple of lenses or indeed any of the mirror-less systems. There's an external battery and card pouch and a documents slit in the back.

The lace-up sides are expandable to take water bottles, mobile phones, or Sten clips - it all depends on how adventurous you expect to be. You can also carry rolls of gold coins and Clindamycin if need be.

I suspect this bag is made in the same factory that supplies Wei Feng - the design features remind me of my own Wei Feng and that's no bad thing as it is one of the best camera haulers I've ever owned.

PS: There are other Promaster /Wei Feng bags here as well.