New Camera In Rental Department - Sony

on August 26, 2015

That's a coincidence! We just had a training talk by the Sony representative yesterday on the new Sony A7R Mk II camera - the full-frame mirror-less system camera - and today Thomas informs me that the camera is now available for hire from our Rental Department.

The extra new features of the camera that revolve around the 5-axis stabilization and the very high spec auto-focus system will be two of the factors that excite new camera users - particularly if they are also contemplating using it for video work.

I am never a full bottle on these but my chance to handle it yesterday assured me that the AF system is quite amazing - particularly the facility it has to track a subject back and forth across the frame and keep it in focus. That, and the brightness of the viewfinder - and the overall open-ness of the view - struck me immediately. I wear spectacles and the business of peering into some viewfinders can be a time consuming process. The Sony lets it all be seen at one glance.

And again - the ergonomics of the body suggest that for a medium-sized hand there should be no trouble curving the fingers around to operate the controls - those who laugh at this line are invited to come try a few other cameras where this is not necessarily the case. Awkward once is awkward once but multiply it by 5000 shots and see what your fingers look like...

Note: This camera has the new Sony back-lit sensor. It is no secret that Sony also make sensors for other high-end camera manufacturers but their newest and best is here now on their own body. Why wait?

Okay - ring Thomas in Rentals to give the Sony A7r MkII a whirl.