New Items Available For Rental

on April 01, 2015

No. Not the Cobra car. That is just to attract your wandering attention, as it did mine.

Thomas from the Rental Department says there are three new Nikon lenses added to their list for hiring out:

1. Nikon AF-D 105mm f:2 DC-Nikkor lens

2. Nikon AF-D 135mm f:2 DC-Nikkor lens

These two optics are fitted with decoupling mechanisms - the DC of the title. They are AF-D lenses so you need to have a a Nikon camera with the internal focussing motor if they are going to do AF for you - but they have such a specialised effect on the background when you operate the DC ring that you may find yourself always doing manual focussing anyway. The effect of the DC ring is to give a variable softness to the background of a portrait shot - though perversely t could also be set to do that to the foreground.

Like the Imagon lenses for large format, these DC lenses require a good deal of experimentation. Note that they are FX lenses for all the DC designation.

3. Nikon AF-S 300mm f:4E ED VR lens

Long, fast enough, and steady. Good sports and large animal lens.

See Thomas or Evelyn in the Rental Department to try these out.