New Strobist Stand From Manfrotto - Stroll On, Squire

on September 02, 2015

The strobists amongst us will always value lightness, versatility, and simplicity. Right up until we decide to buy a new camera system - at which time we will want the latest model with the hydraulic stabilisers and in-built steam bagel toaster. In all three colours. Pardon the cynicism but I have been there and still have the wrapping paper to prove it.

Back to lightness and simplicity. Manfrotto have come out with a strobist stand that is aimed squarely at the field shooter. It is a combination of their back-folding nano-Pole stand with a dedicated flash and umbrella holder on top.

Sure, you can assemble a similar rig from other components but at a greater price and with none of the sleek style - in particular the pared-down streamlining of the umbrella holder that has none of the protruding knobs and keys of other products. And the flash gripper is built right into the top of it.

Another two features:

a. The cast metal upper yoke has a hook on the side for cord control.

b. There is an adjustable levelling end on one of the tripod legs. No longer does your light stand have to risk disaster if it is placed upon uneven ground.

The whole kaboodle comes in a carrying case and is stylish enough to make most of us look good.