Note For Fujifilm Users - Hahnel Captur Is the Go.

on September 09, 2015

Those of us who have Rico Pfirstinger's book on the X-Pro1 and the X-E1 ( and by extension the X-E2 ) have read the section on remote control of the camera with confusion - he speaks about a device that can do everything but is never seen here in WA. Presumably somewhere in Europe...

That's all very well, but scientific enquiry this morning revealed that the new Captur equipment from Hahnel will do just as well and we have the stuff right here in the shop.

I hooked up the Canon-compatible version of the basic wireless flash/shutter command system and used the microphone port of the X-E2 as the socket for the cable. The Hahnels now operate on AA cells rather than buttons or AAA types so powering them is easy.

Yes, it works perfectly. Press the transmitter button and the camera focuses and fires properly. This also argues that the sophisticated accessory controllers that Hahnel also make for their Captur system would also work - that's delayed action, time lapse, motion capture, etc.

It's good to have a systemic approach to this sort of thing - watch Hahnel closely in the future.