Peak Design Sneak One In

on January 20, 2019
I suspect that Peak Design made this bag before they decided what it was going to be used for. That's alright - many of the models I make and the images I take are halfway done before I know what they are going to do. Some sit on the shelf or in the hard drive for years before inspirations strikes... This has a sign promising a tech pouch. I suspect it is a general purpose modern travel bag that can accompany any small camera on a trip. If you're cagey this is all you need. It is padded, unobtrusive, secure and compartmented. Also water-resistant and provided with flexible attachment points for a shoulder strap as well as hand straps. You won't get pinged by the airline weight-watchers carrying this one. Peak Design are thinkers - they design things in San Francisco and then have them made in all parts of Asia - and nearly all of their designs are intended to cut weight and complexity. They are not inexpensive, but the build quality is very good.