Photo Live Expo 2016 - Cats And Dogs And Alex

on July 17, 2016

Someone reading this column somewhere has a bag at home full of venomous snakes, hungry crocodiles, and angry grizzly bears. And they want a pet portrait done. This is the daily nightmare for Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studio who must experience a nervous tremor every time the studio phone rings.

Be kind to her. Give her a Sunday off when she can come and talk about the photography she loves to do to an appreciative audience. Come and buy a ticket for her Photo Talk at the Photo Live Expo 2016 on the 24th of July.

It will be at the Novotel Perth Langley Hotel between 10:00 and 5:00 and you would be best to go to the Photo Live website to book ahead for a ticket - it'll be cheaper than trying to buy one on the day and you'll be sure of a seat.

Alex is an award-winning shooter of a subjects that either melt your heart or fasten their teeth into your thumb. If anyone in Perth knows how to take pictures of fur, fins, scales, or feathers while they are still in the possession of their original owners, it is her. Her studio is a howling success (see what I did there?) and even the advertising pictures on the outside of the premises are fun to look at.
So she is a fun person to listen to.

If your own ambitions in the pet photography line run to a little less terror, you will get some invaluable tips on animal behaviour and the best way to capture the spirit of the pet. This form of photography is an extremely rewarding one in emotional terms as the connection between the subjects of the pictures and their human friends can be extremely close.

Also, some animals are just camera hogs...and they don't even have to be hogs to do it.

Early bird tickets $11, on the day $16 (unless sold out).
Buy tickets here