Pot 'O Gold - The End Of The Rainbow Here In Stirling Street

on January 29, 2015

Faith and Begorrah! The Little People have visited us...and left us piles of gold!

These are far more valuable than ordinary piles, and not nearly as itchy. These are piles of lenses, teleconverters, 35mm film cameras, and flashes made by Sigma and Pentax.

If you have ever sat worried about your inability to purchase a 1.4 X AF teleconverter for the Pentax system you can put your fears to rest - we have made adequate provision for you and your children and, quite possibly, your children's children. If the pile of Sigma 1.4 x teleconverters that we have in the special bin here shifts sideways and engulfs the customers we are going to need FESA and we'll all be in the national news. In short...we have teleconverters...

We have them cheap. Like all the other items in the Pot 'O Gold Sale they are $39 apiece.

I note in one of the bins that there are Pentax-branded lenses, as well as the Sigma ones. There are lots for Pentax mount, some for Minolta and Canon and one for Nikon.

There is a whole separate bin for Sigma cameras and Sigma-mount lenses. All new, but older stock. Students can pick up real bargains here.

Note: There is also a vast pile of soft cases for 35mm cameras that would suit most mirror-less cameras. These cases are $ 5 each.