School Holidays Coming Up...

on June 24, 2018
Now will be the time to plan: a. Getting away with the kids. b. Getting away from the kids. Whichever appeals to you, you'll find that you will be pursued by modern life all the while - specifically modern life on the mobile phone. Whether your day will be devoted to calling your stockbroker, calling the au pair, or calling the emergency services, you'll find that the batteries on the wonderful new phone you bought will go flat very fast. You'll flatten them even faster if you are going to zombie around looking for Japanese electronic pocket monsters. And once you are beyond the mains electricity system those flat batteries put you in danger of having to look up and see trees and sky. Camera Electronic can protect you from this with the Sirix Digital Solar Power Bank. It contains a Lithium Polymer battery with 5000 mAh capacity that pumps out the correct voltage to mobile devices. It can draw power from other sources if you're impatient, but the big deal is that it has a solar panel on the front that can charge it up all day for free. Then it can pump it out to whatever device you are glued to. There's a set of LED's that monitor capacity as well., and a carabiner to sling it on the outside of your camping gear. Let's be realistic - it is not going to silence the " Are we there yet? " or " When can we go home? " noises, but the electricity it gathers for free will keep down the grumbles a bit in between. Just pray for a signal.