Shooting For Dollars - With Shoot

on February 12, 2015

I type this column for money.

If there are new products, no telephone interruptions, and coffee, the daily piece costs the company about $ 11. Hopefully it inspires readers to come in and purchase items and services that yield a profit of more than $ 11 - thus continuing business.

It is not as profitable to me as washing the dishes - that yields me $ 15 per day before taxes - but at least I do not have to scrape dried spaghetti off the laptop.

The point of all this is to remind the newer readers who are just contemplating turning their interest in photography into a business venture that time is indeed money and they need to persuade the world to press pennies into their hands each conscious hour of their day.

Time spent surfing the net might be fun, as might be time spent networking in coffee shops or looking into the shops, or catching up on the latest episode of whatever...but it does not satisfy Synergy, the council, Water Corporation, Telstra, Alinta, HBF, or the check-out girl at Coles in any meaningful way. And for those who are addicted to zombie and vampire literature but have run out of something to read we can recommend the ATO bulletins...but don't read 'em in a deserted house late at night.

Time spent gathering real saleable knowledge, on the other hand, is a good investment. It can be turned to account. It can EARN money rather than waste it. That s why we run Shoot Photography Workshops next door. So people can learn - and some can go on to earn from that.

You can too - there are a couple of courses in the offing right now - Basic Photoshop and Natural Landscapes, I believe...or it might be the other way round. In any case go to their website:

There is a new manager and you'll be able to find out what new courses are planned.