Show Me What You Can Do...

on December 11, 2018
Now show me what I can do. But don't show me too much... Here's the screen of the new Nikon Z7 mirror-less camera captured by studio trickery. There are more symbols there than on Pharaoh's tomb. In today's world of the mobile phone and computer screen, this is accepted by everyone - few of us scrub our electronic desktops clean. And many of these are absolutely essential for the good operation of the gear - my favourite one here is that tiny little red square that is the aiming point for the AF system. It makes tabletop shooting so pleasurable. It can surely stay, but I wish the icon above it telling me that it is there was gone - if I can see the red square that is all I need to know. Likewise, there are a lot of other numbers and letters taking up real estate there that are repeated on other screens elsewhere. Now I suspect that you can make them all disappear, or at least trim off the least relevant - and that is what I would do if I were operating the machine. We all have a boon in the LCD screen - it shows us how good or bad we are while we still have time to reform our wicked ways. But we all benefit when we can see through it clearly without a rime of information overlay. Note that I even used to grizzle about the focusing screens of some film SLR's when they added additional ground glass, RFDR wedges, and microprisms and made it difficult to see what we were actually shooting. This is my privilege as I am old and grumpy and can remember the crispy bacon before the war... One of the nicest screen made was by Voigtländer on their Bessamatic. Or was that a Baconmatic...? On another topic, this Z7 was remarkably easy to use straight out of the Camera Electronic Rentals department bag - the machine has a default reset menu option that you can combine with the green Auto setting on the mode dial to render it pretty bomb-proof. You can hand it to the novice and something good will ensue. 'Twer me, I'd diligently research and experiment for a week to program those U1,U2, and U3 custom settings for my three most-used jobs. Everyone will have different needs, but the ability to slip into them instantly is priceless. Nikon custom setting is no easier than anyone else's...Oh, the amount of time and words I have expended with my Fujifilms to try to do this...but once done, you have a real asset. Then you can switch a lot of the icons off and just do what you know how to do. Design note: Look at the little bar between the playback button and the trash can. Smart. SMALL CHANGE OF TOPIC As it is the holiday season, we need more small change than ever before. Save some of yours for the parking meters in Stirling Street and come get a printed Camera Electronic Christmas catalogue. They've done a beauty this year with 16 full-colour 1o" x 12" pages. There's pages from every major camera maker that we sell, plus accessories, lighting, printing, and supplies. There's cashback information and specials - there's the latest mirror-less systems - there's value on every page. Ther are pages of information by noted local experts on their specialties - travel, pets, landscapes, portraiture, etc. And best of all, you can circle what you want for Christmas with a texta and then leave the catalogue on your partner's plate at breakfast. You can't do that with a computer screen... It's free, Folks - come and pick one up. Murray Street'll have them too.