Sony Week...Five...Shooting At The Museum

on August 09, 2018
Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The proof of the lighting is in the shooting. And whether or not the new Sony HVL-F60RM looks like it is too big for the Sony Alpha 6300 and the 30mm f:3.5 lens or not, that's the rig that goes to the museum today. The Air World museum is a new venture. It's been erected just west of the Wet Dog Regional Airport in central Alberta - the old RCAF Wet Dog station. The Canadian Deprtment of Transport runs it now and they leased the vacant land to a private operator. It's still being completed, but a few of the exhibits are being moved in - they dismantled the old RCAF control tower and re-erected it as a display along with the vehicles they had left over. The museum halls will ultimately house a collection of Canadian aircraft - civieian and military - and hold air shows in the summer months as a tourist attraction. At least out in the prairies they won't have a parking problem. Hotel and motel accommodation in the district is spotty, but if the thing becomes popular someone will pick it up. The good thing about the museum is the hangar doors - they can be rolled right back to let the tourist canmers in - and the big museum windows let light in from the sky. And if you have a Sony flash attached to your camera, you can tilt it way up and back to help that light along... The basic camera and lens are also well suited to the task - as we said before earlier in the week. Note for people who have not got a big flash yet - the on-board flash on a stalk of the Alpha 6300 will cause s slight lower-left-side shadow when you use the lenshood of the 30mm lens. Bayonet it off and the problem disappears. The results? A mixed bag - remember that all of these shots are done with in-camera slash that is directed at will with that Sony tilt mechanism - one light source only. That's the DOF at the closest focusing distance. And if you peel back a bit you can start to benefit from the equation. Mow the grass, eh, before some tourist drops a cigarette butt... Okay, back in the Big World. This week's focus on Sony did not use their magnificent full-frame mirrorless bodies, nor their Zeiss lenses. That will come in the future. But rest assured, when it does, the Sony flash system will be ready for it. Sony users need not be worried that they might be left out by other flash makers - their own brand is doing them right. Ingredients: Sony camera, lens, and flash from CE storeroom. Everything else from Stein's Air World.