South Perth Photo Contest

on April 02, 2012
The City of South Perth has announced that they will be holding a photographic competition in April for young people - it is associated with their South Perth Youth Network. We've just been looking over the information about this contest at:

It is aimed at photographers between 13-25 and is to be a judged competition on the set subject: "Fun on the Weekend". The website mentions that the contest will have a specialist judging panel.

Quite what the prizes will be is not specified, but the poster we have seen says that there will be some fantastic prizes up for grabs. Indeed.

Of course, like all competitions, there have to be rules, and the website is clear about these - all young people who want to take part should carefully read the terms and conditions. There are restrictions as to subject matter and treatment - legality and good taste come in here - and the technical point is made that all images submitted have to be at least 1 Mb in size. I think this may be so that they can be displayed properly in the competition or used for reproduction without undue pixelation or distortion.

Young photographers reading the terms and conditions will also see that they will need to get written permission from anyone seen in their photographs. Perhaps it would be as well to look out a standard form of model release for this, and if persons under 18 years of age are depicted, parents or guardians will be needed for this sort of release.

Does that seem a little formal? No, not really, because if you read further, you see that the City of South Perth may want to use the images for advertising and commercial purposes later. That's when the legal permission is needed. Of course, the entrants must realize that ownership and copyright of their images passes to the City of South Perth - for free - when they enter the competition. Says so in the rules.

Well, go on over to their site and see if it appeals to you. You'll have to get your entries in between 13 and 23 April, but who knows - you could be seeing your images in the City of South Perth for years to come...