Stick To The Tabletop With Slik

on July 27, 2015

Those of you who do landscape photography know the value of a good big tripod - you buy sturdy Manfrotto and Cullman outfits and valiantly haul them about the place looking for the view that no-one else has seen. You know it's out there because you've seen it in their photos...

Come inside for tabletop or macro photography and you can get away with smaller and lighter tripods - provided you are using a small light camera and lens. Sometimes they really do need to sit on table tops.

In the case of this cutie, it combines metal legs, a two-way head, and an extendable center column. It don't extend up very high, but it does go down to the table top, and they have put a unique feature down there - a suction cup. All in aid of a little more stability.

Fortunately most studios do not have cross-winds. But it is still comforting to get as much hold as you can.

This Slik Mini 8 tripod is just the thing. A small thing, but a thing nevertheless.