Sun Power Battery - Sirix

on January 08, 2015

If you are a person who uses your tablet, mobile phone, or other modern communication device a lot, you will eventually run out of electricity and place to recharge it. Then you will either have to revert to smoke and drum signals or find some more juice.

Here's the answer - a solar-powered storage battery that can feed the volts out through normal and mini-USB ports. In from the sun, out to your phone - how cool is that!

Still won't pay for the credits on the phone and still won't protect you from the rexting pests, but at least you won't be out of touch.

The basic battery in there is a Li Polymer type that contains 5000mAh. It will let out 5VDC from the two USB ports at 1A. the solar charging is done at 5V and 200MA.

You get three cords and a carabiner with it. All in a rubber-coated brick. With an LED torch built-in.

Now you're even more independent on holiday.