Swiss Optical Puzzle - Tessina

on August 13, 2015

Until this example of the Tessina 35mm camera came into the shop in a collector's kit, I could never figure out what all the dials were on it - there were illustrations in the photo magazines in the 1960's but the thing always looked as if it had more holes and glass than there was a need for.

It took some handling and puzzling to do it, But I suspect I could operate it now. Of course one has to have the special Tessina cassettes loaded to do it - you take the film from a regular 35mm cassette or from a bulk film loader. And it is a small format camera - half frame really.

But the precision involved - really watch making work. Of course this camera is really a collector's item now, but you do have to admire the concept and the workmanship. The Swiss really do think outside the square sometimes.