The Afterthought - Promaster Lens Cloth

on August 30, 2015

It is the little things that define us. Not our shape, or our power - not even our smell. it is the eyebrows, or the shirtbuttons...or the fingerprints on the lens.

Likewise the small accessories that make our photo photo experience good or bad. And sometimes we come upon these just as an afterthought.

Like this little ghost out of its sell - it is actually a Promaster microfibre lens cloth packed in a soft plastic container modelled on a camera lens. It depends on a little lightweight carabiner - you clip it onto your belt or shirt pocket...or ear if you are extremely modern.

Silly? Yes. Cheap? Yes. But oh, what a boon when your camera bag is locked up into the overhead locker and your finger has just planted itself on the front of your lens filter.
( You DO have a filter on that lens, don't you? Otherwise your greasy digit has just negated all the nano-micro-super multi coatings...)

Pop open the little plastic container, whirl out the Promaster lens cloth, and retrieve the situation.

We keep these here by the tills as catchpennies but they are actually tiny little image savers.