The Anatomy Of A Good Time - Leica SL Night

on November 12, 2015

I flatter myself that I can guess the interests of our readership; photography, cameras, lenses, technology, professional practice, etc...No real surprises there as Camera Electronic deals in just such a variety of topics throughout the working week. It would be a shock if you turned to this column for a report about grain futures or haberdashery.

Not that we couldn't do it, mind. Camera Electronics loves grain and haberdashery...

But let us concentrate on last night's Leica Event. We were shown the new Leica SL camera with the 24-90mm lens. And in true CE style the event had a number of characteristic features:

1. Food.

2. Drink.

3. Cameras and lenses.

4. Expert advice from a company representative.

5. An enthusiastic professional photographer.

6. An attractive model.

7. Saul and Howard.

8. The Staff...

9. The Clients...

Okay, with a mix like that, and a technologically advanced manufacturer like Leica, something is going to happen worth seeing. And it did, and it was. And next Monday will start a more detailed report of what this reporter saw. His conclusions were different than his preconceptions might have suggested...