The Best Of Many Worlds

on August 02, 2022
We are always being beat around the head with " Best ". The idea of the top of the tree - only reached by climbing up through " Good " and " Better ". It was a constant theme in the older Sears Roebuck catalogues. Well, you'll have to decide in your own minds whether you'll be chivvied by this, but for my money, the Tiller electric bicycle for sale in Wanderlust right now ( white and black colours on the floor ) may well be the best of a number of things. Best combination of ideas, best compromise in size, best looks, etc. Might well be the best solution for your in-city transport needs, too. The idea of the electric motor in a bicycle isn't new, but the ability to use a rechargeable lithium-ion pack to feed it is - this is a product of new technology. The old technology in your legs is still going to be required for a good deal of your journey, but the part where you look up the longest hill in Perth will not be the nightmare it used to. Isn't it funny how the topography of the town is arranged so that you can have hills to climb in both directions on a daily journey - there and back. I think the re-arrange the streets while you are are work so that you have a harder pedal on the way home. I know the Weather Bureau does turn the vane on the weathercock so that you can have a facing wind in both directions... Well, the electric motor in the Tiller is the answer - pedal when you like, coast when you can, and use the on-board boost when you need it. Up to 80 km full-power ride with a charge, and you can vastly extend that with your own pedalling. Note as well that this is not your old treadly - those Sturmey Archer gears are backed up with proper disc brakes. The chain will not remove your ankles. The lights are incredibly bright LED. And there is an inbuilt security system and a GPS tracker to let you monitor your bike from your phone. So, where did they design and engineer this bike? Perth. The designers know all about the hills and winds and other vehicles on the roads. They made this one safe, effective, and affordable. Your bike commuting can now be done safely, efficiently, stylishly, and without killing your knees in the process. The other bike riders may well be jealous, but that should not affect you as you sail past them. Uphill.