The Iconic Image - Camera Electronic On Your PC!

on February 12, 2015

As we get older we discover an amazing phenomenon - young people do not know as much as we do.

Young people who wish to take exception to this may protest as much as they like - the replies section on Facebook is open all the time. They can type on their laptops, tablets, or mobile phones with the assurance that it will be read. Full sentences in English are preferred though if you must txt we hav ppl her who cn trnslat.

But how many of you know " Howdy Customers"...and who said it.

Never mind - the real point of this $ 11 is the fact that Camera Electronic has scored an advertising coup in the world of the PC. Many of our readers use PC's as opposed to Mac computers and have become familiar with the icon symbols that the PC uses to indicate various functions - things like "print", "open", "format", and..."save".

Especially "save". Look closely at "save".

Young people who have never used the older computers really don't know what that is. We do. It is really a tiny little representation in symbol form of the front appearance of the Camera Electronic store. There's the front windows, the door, and the workshop windows above it. Note that the symbol was drawn before we got the workshop air conditioners, but that was a long time ago...

Go on. Look at the top of the Windows page. Now stand outside in Stirling Street and look up at the front of our shop.

There you go. Advertising coup of two centuries...every time you save your work - you save our workplace.

You'll NEVER guess who works in the "print" icon building...