The Impulse Buy Vs The Considered Negotiation

on November 16, 2016

Here is a little trade secret; sometimes supermarkets put things in their shops in such a way as to obstruct the aisle and slow the customer down. If the barrier is a hanging rack or a cardboard bin the idea is that the shopper will pause long enough to get hungry for whatever they are selling - if there is a big " Bargain " sign in red it frequently triggers off chemicals in the brain that make the person drop it into their shopping trolley.

This is also the logic behind the Leica Boutique. You may have just popped into the shop for a couple of packets of Toshiba AA batteries for your speed light (still the best electricity for your money...) but as you stand there waiting you see the red shelves of the Leica Boutique. If the shop designer has done their job, you to drift over a bit closer...closer... and all of a sudden you are going home with an "M" camera and a Summilux lens. What you are going to say when you get home is your affair - the shop designer has succeeded.

I have observed Leica Boutiques in a number of cities; Singapore, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth and they have all been impeccably presented - I think this is a business stipulation from the Leica people. They are also very clever in making them so similar - you get a genuine feeling of comfort when you see the classic presentation. You feel confident that the shop can cater to your needs. And you do not have to question the validity of the brand.

You might wonder what made you buy a packet of chocolate-coated spaghetti from Coles, but you never, ever, have to regret Leica.

PS: there is a fine line in the design of commercial sales obstructions. Too little and they sweep right on by - too much and they fall over it and break a leg. The science is evolving.

Camera Electronic's Leica Boutiques are in both stores - 230 Stirling St, Perth and 2/324 Murray St, Perth or you can see the range online at