The Little Black Box In The Corner - Canon CS100

on February 14, 2017

Canon users please draw nigh and give attention. We have a good thing for you.

This blog post looked to be difficult for me - I do not use the Canon system cameras and I am somewhat clumsy with modern file storage and transfers. I trembled at the amount of complexity that I feared would be involved.

Then I read the instructions and looked at a YouTube advertisement. It turns out that what looked like an elephant in the room was the little one from Walt Disney and I need not have feared looking like a Dumbo. This Canon hub is as easy as to use.

Think of it as a 1 Terabyte storage device that you can put files into from Canon cameras or various smartphone devices. It connects to your television to let you store videos or see still files. You fill it up and away you go.

Ideally, the connection to your phones and Canon cameras is wirelessly via WiFi or NFC. They realise that some people have older gear so there are ports in for USB connections and you can feed in standard CF and SD card signals.

You can pump out the electricity to your television, computer, monitor, smart phone, or laptop. You c also command PictBridge printers to make inkjet prints wirelessly. Your production desk will no longer resemble a telephone switchboard in 1932.

As an old darkroom printer I appreciate more and more the streamlined business of digital work, and this sort of easy centralisation can only be good. Thank you, Canon.