The Pantechnicon

on April 21, 2015

I love that word. " Pantechnicon ". Far more technical and elegant than " Moving Van ".

Same thing, really, large box on wheels into which Wayne and Gordie threw your family's possessions preparatory to smashing and losing them on a trip interstate. The part that always puzzled me was how they managed to fracture tea-towels but failed to destroy the family piano. I so wanted to lose that piano, but it followed me like Inspector Javert. I played it like Inspector Clouseau...

These thoughts are brought to you by one of the Think Tank range of camera cases - the Airport International LE Classic. It is a tank ( ! ) of a product with 1/2" thick dense foam sidewalls and reinforcing at all the vital points. Wheels, of course, and an effective baggage handles on five of the six surfaces.

You'll need 'em - this bag is designed to take the heaviest of the DSLR outfits for professional use. You might try to fool the airlines people that it is feather-light cabin baggage but don't break into a sweat trying to lift it as you walk past the desk. Above all don't stagger sideways.

It doesn't matter. Think Tank bags are designed to resist the slings and arrows of outrageous baggage handlers. Throw it in the hold - your cameras well still work when they come out the other end. That's why you buy Think Tank.

Note one sinister feature of this bag - it has a pocket in the back with a steel wire harness folded up inside. There is a padlock on the harness. It is there so that you can lash and lock the bag to an immovable object to prevent theft. Good to see, but it suggests that you are going to haul this pantechnicon to places that are full of people who want to rob you. Is this such a good idea? Wouldn't it be better to avoid family picnics altogether?