The Rash Assessment

on October 29, 2018

I am wary of rash assessments...having recently been in hospital having one assessed. When you get a really good one boiling, the treatment goes beyond having an expert peer at it and make Hmm Hmm noises. They get serious and send the ladies who take blood samples. Believe me...nothing about blood sampling is fun to do...

It’s the same way with new camera systems - and here we are thinking of the new mirror-less items from Canon and Nikon. It appears that examples have gotten into the hands of the popular press and been roughly handled. Pronouncements have been made and there has already been some degree of scolding from the reviewers. Pooh.

I’d be a little cautious here. I’m waiting until I can get my hands on the competing devices and a little free space to exercise them. I am going to give them the same sort of considered judgement that I would apply to a new pair of shoes or any other practical consumer item. In short, I am going to see if they work for me, before gratuitously telling their makers that they needed to be different.

Time. Time and experience. I realise that this is anathema if a photographic enthusiast waits for hourly bulletins about which possible new system to pre-order and whose credit card buzzes like a beehive. Time cannot supply novelty. But it can supply real satisfaction if you are patient enough to accept that.