The Round Of The Staff: Ricky

on April 11, 2016

I pester the CE staff members each week - for the look of the thing I pretend it is to gain useful information to pass on to the customers via this weblog column - in reality I just like to pester and they are convenient...

First nervous cab off the rank was Ricky, our formerwarehouse and stores manager. If new things came in they generally hit either his desk or that of Jennifer in the receiving and dispatch area. Today did not turn up much past the Op/Tech Small Rain Sleeve.

The larger versions of these have been a staple product for years - they slip over DSLR cameras with longer lenses and protect them from showers of rain. Like this smaller version they have a draw string closure at the front that you can snug around the lens hood and a flexible hole at the back that you can fit around the eye-level viewer of your camera, if it has one.

If you are just using the LCD screen at the back of the camera then the plastic of these sleeves is clear enough to give you a fair sight through it anyway. And there is an extended sleeve that goes downwards from this so that the hand holding the camera stays dry as well.

The smaller size is aimed at the mirror-less and compact camera users.

The price is pretty compact too - you get two of 'em in the pack for $ 9.95. That's good cheap insurance against water damage to your camera in a sudden summer storm. You can see thm in-store or order via our on-line shop.