The Sony Cine Solution - A Lens To Dream Of

on May 17, 2015

Sony enthusiasts who use their mirror-less camera systems are often cine enthusiasts as well - they recognise the video capabilities of these full-frame systems to produce high quality footage.

The lenses that Sony release to do this are many and varied - but one of the recent additions is quite phenomenal in capability and form.

The FE 4 /PZ 28-135 G OSS runs from f:4 to f:22, features a powered and a manual zoom, optical shot steadying mechanism, and a close focal distance that can be a short as 1.31 feet.

There is a direct unlocking of the automatic focusing if desired - you slide the front focusing ring backwards and there is instant response.

There are no stop detents on the aperture ring.

Each ring; focus, zoom, and aperture are fitted with geared teeth that must connect to dedicated focus pulling mechanisms - indeed there is a thrreaded socket on the zoom ring that suggests the addition of a small lever to smooth out manual zooming.

The optical performance is reported to be superb and the finish of the lens is no-less professional. I can most accurately describe the finish on the barrel by comparing it to the parkerising on a military firearm. I think it is sintered metal, but the effect is low-key sheen.

The mounting foot is substantial as is the weight of the entire structure - it is meant to work on an adequate tripod.

Looks as though the Sony company is serious.

In store now, ask for a price, or a time to check it out!