The Time Draweth Nigh - Murray St

on October 24, 2016

The time fixed for the refurbishing of the new premises at the corner of Murray Street and Queen Street is reeling out and the finish date approaches. You may assume a reasonable level of panic and powerful language. Camera Electronic wants to present itself well and win new hearts as well assist constant clients.

I can report that no skeletons have been uncovered on the site. No Roman coins, English kings, or unexploded aerial mines. Also no endangered native species, so the WA Department Of Saying No can stand down - it's just a shop and we're just going to sell cameras...

We're going to sell a pretty good selection, and the lenses to go with them. Some central shops in other cities try to find clients amongst the tourists - I have poked about lots of competitors in Japan and Singapore as well as the eastern states of Australia. In some cases the stock seems to have been selected upon a very...well...modest basis. If you are a person who has just rocked up and your point and shoot has died, they can help - but if you need a more competent device or some sort of arcane part, you are out of luck.

Same way with the advice and information offered. I will confess that I have not been above going into competitor's premises in Melbourne and Sydney and asking slightly off-axis questions to see what answers were given. In most cases I heard the same sort of replies I would give, and all was well. In a couple of cases the sales pitch was strange and in one case it was probably only applicable on planets where they do not have air. I am blessed with the ability to keep a straight face and to sprint really well for a short distance...

Well the CE staff are the CE staff, and they know what they are about when it comes to photography. Everyone on the floor is a photographer and they all know the value of accurate thinking when it comes to planning a job or a holiday. With all the different systems available, you can be sure of finding at least one staff member who is experienced with the equipment you are considering - seek them out by asking who would be best to deal with, then shamelessly exploit their knowledge. Believe me, no-one is offended if you really want to know something and they really can tell you.

Note: Shoot Photography and the current Camera Electronic aren't shifting premises - we will still remain at 230 and 232 Stirling St. Stay tuned to our emails and social media for Camera Electronic Murray St opening day and opening hours!