The Vintage Season Starts - With Fujifilm

on January 11, 2015

We are just about to launch into the vintage car season with the Australian Day Vintage and Veteran display in Melbourne. This is held in the main park just over the Princes Bridge and is preceded by an all-cultures street parade from the Town hall. For those who attend, I can recommend the corner opposite Young and Jacksons for a good photo vantage point. Watch out for the band and colour party*, the Japanese dancing ladies, and the Indian Seniors.

The park will be full of cars, and the car owners will be full of information. If you ask a question, they will tell you far more than you need to know...but the vehicles are all pertinent to Australia and there is a history worth hearing about each one.

Food and drink is served, dancing and singing is going on, and there is very little of the boganage that clouds other venues. Everyone is having too much fun. The RAAF even saves it's fuel money for a year and sends an aerobatic team to fly over and do an Australia Day salute. Many of them make it back to the air base before they land...

If you would like to go to a car show here in WA, there are a number each year; Big Al's Poker Run, The WA Hot Rod show at the Showground, The Pingelly British Car Day, Oakover Retro show, Hot Summer Night, Gillam Drive, and no end of vintage iron out on show in Hyde Park at various times. The local enthusiasts are as dangerous as their Victorian counterparts - ask one question and you may never get away...but the cars are a delightful subject at any time.

Take a Fujifilm X-100 series camera and either a Fujifilm EF42 or a Nissin i40 flash. It will let you do perfect fill flash in any conditions. Take a floppy hat and suncream to allow you to work in the glare. Take a leather riding crop to whip the crowds back when they interfere with your view of the cars.

And send in some of your car pictures. They will always receive a favourable response from us.

* The ADF colour party and band is the one up the front with the national flag. The Falun Gong colour party and band are about 3/4 of the way along the parade with the jingling johnny. You'll love the swastika on the jingling johnny...