The Whole Enchilada

on August 28, 2018
If you are going to investigate LED lighting for your photography, consider where it might be the studio or out in the field - at an event or under controlled conditions. And then see if what you want to use can cpe with all these. The Amaran HR672C is one kit that can cope with all these situations. You get it in a carry case - the makers intend it to be an event light. You get a full range of accessories with it - AC charger and constant power supply, two massive batteries, a large standard studio stand bracket, and a remote controller. Plus a number of advertising stickers Aputure would like you to slap on things. Well, someone might... The panel is also one that has full reporting on the rear face with knobs for colour temperature, output and LED 's for battery charge. You'll note the entry socket for the 15DC power that the adapter supplies. Also the channel changer for the remote. A far as this goes , consider a scenario where you are going to the video at a dance or wedding and need a large flood from above - or something stuck out on a boom arm. If you need the turn this one and off or change intensity at any time in the middle of the affair, you can't just dismount the whole thing to twist the knobs - you need the remote radio controller to do that for you - smoothly and unobtrusively. Indeed, you need the whole thing to be flicker-free. This it is. Here is the 5600º ˚ high and low power and there is not a lot in it. AWB cleans up the image and LR reports this to be exposing at 5150ºK. When we dial down to 3300º˚ and adjust the camera likewise we also get a clean image - this would be the way to go if you were coping with tungsten lights or candles at a reception. The basic illumination test at ISO 1250, 1/15 sec yielded the biggest punch of all - f:5.63. That's two stops or 4 x the amount of light from their small panel. If you took the front protector and diffuser off this panel you'd get even more. You pay for the increase in weight and cost, but you get so much more inflexibility.