They Gettin' Bigger - Olympus Wide Angle

on June 02, 2015

The second time that Olympus have produced a wide-angle zoom for their micro 4/3 system cameras ...well they have gone all out.

You'll remember the smaller 9-18 mm lens - it had a maximum aperture of f:4-5.6. Well the new lens is 7mm-14mm and has a constant maximum aperture of f:2.8.

Don't expect it to be as light as the smaller lens - when lenses add elements and size...and metallic mountings...they gain weight. This one is a decent handful. No different from other mirror-less system camera lenses of the same sort of specification.

Thankfully, it carries the same sort of weather sealing as the other pro lenses in the Olympus micro 4/3 range. Filters would be problematical as it has the sort of bulging front element that precludes attaching them easily. Polarisers - even if you could figure out how to attach one - would be a mistake. ( See a previous post on this blog to learn why.)

Good news for Olympus or other micro 4/3 users is that we now have one of these available for rental. Please call in to our rental Department and ask Thomas or Evelyn for the rental rate - this is one amazing view of the world.

In store now