Three Days Warning - Pentax K1

on June 26, 2016

There is an End-Of-Financial-Year sale email going out right now from Camera Electronic - you may be on the list that receives it. Normally I do not interfere with that section of the business or comment on the offers, but today another staff member pointed out that there is an exceptional good deal in there. So I grabbed an example of the camera, photographed it, and am adding the blog imprimature to it.

This blog post is chiefly aimed at someone who up until now has been shooting crop-frame cameras, but has not advanced to the full-frame models yet. If you are the possessor of purely-crop frame lenses you can read on - if you have a mixed bag of crop and full frame lenses you must proceed with caution.

Here's what I mean - if you have some crop or full frame lenses for the Canon or Nikon system, you will probably think of investigating the full-frame cameras from those makers. By all means - and you may find one of them in the same EOFY ad. Pass further down the car...

If you have ONLY crop-frame lenses and are contemplating the switch to full-frame...well you might as well consider shifting to a different camera system, as you'll be buying new full-frame lenses anyway. And you can do yourself some good by shifting to the Pentax K-1.

The specs are all in their own websites, or you can dial back to earlier issues of this blog that were posted just after the K-1 launch. Massive mega-pixelage, massively capable AF, weather sealing, high ISO...all the newer attributes of top of the line cameras. Plus the ability to achieve pixel shift recording in studio situations to add even more resolution to still life shots. The convenience of one of the best LCD touch screens in the business and all the electronic connectivity bells and whistles that people expect these days.

Days is the operative term - you've got 3 more days to secure an in-store or on-line bargain of the age with the offer on this camera. $2699 for a camera that rivals medium format performance.

You'll need a full-frame lens for it. I've included one in the illustration as a suggestion, and you can choose others if you wish. It is superb, but obviously you'll have to pay for it as a separate thing.

Personally, I would be utterly tempted if I wanted to make large landscapes, or if my studio work involved large prints. This blog just needs little images, but if you are more ambitious or better connected with commercial clients, but if you are more ambitious, or artistic, or better connected to commercial clients, you want the K-1.